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Twitter & Facebook – Set-Up, Posting and upkeep.

Why you need Twitter and Facebook: They both bring more visitors to your site. You can interact with people on a more personal level, branding yourself and your market and engaging your clients, customers, readers, fans, etc.

Twitter is a fast growing/fast moving Social Media Site.

All posts are 140 characters

Twitter is updated daily and sometimes numerous times a day. At least 7 times a week.

Buzz Chic - Will engage viewers, seek new followers, respond and cross promote, retweet and direct message.

Facebook is a wonderful tool for engaging people. More informal than a website and a wonderful way to be seen as a person and not just a company. This is a great way to talk to your customers and listen to what they have to say.

Buzz Chic – Will engage viewers, seek new followers, respond and cross promote.

Blog Posting – If your company has a blog or if you are looking to set up a blog, I can help you. Blogging is another great tool to meet your readers, clients, customers and future customers.

Blog Posting Details:

Memorable content is what brings people back. All posts are written for you and meant to inform, entertain and attract potential customers and to keep your current customers coming back.  All content can be tailored to the specific needs of your company. Cross promotion with other clients if appropriate.

Button Creation for your company, product or whatever. Buttons are eye catching to readers or stumblers. Any button size can be created to showcase your product or share on others sidebars for cross promotion.

Blogger Reviewers available to review products or giveaways. I have a huge database of tried and true, top bloggers interested in showcasing your products through either reviews or giveaways.


Please contact me (973) 632-0910 for more details and tailored pricing. I WANT to help you. Please be sure to stop by my pricing page for breakdowns.

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