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About Me

My name is Maria Gagliano and I run a blog called Maria's Space for the past 6 years. Blogging is a wonderful way to express yourself, make friends, and document your life, your children and gives you a voice and creative outlet. A year after I started blogging I started receiving emails from companies asking me to review their products and/or give them away to my readers which had gone from 400 a month to 9,000 a month in less than 3 years. Maria's Space now receives over 35,000 views a month and is one of my favorite things to do.

As a blogger one of the things I did was host the 1st Huggies Mom Inspired contest where a friend of mine entered. She was one of the 12 winners and now owns a company called Babybindle. She asked me to come on board and support her online while she grew her company. Babybindle went from 26 Facebook followers to 160 in a month and 400 Twitter followers to 850 in a month. I assist her on her blog, website, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Brainstorming ideas on what to post, look for new followers, engage followers, tweet, retweet and basically socialize with everyone and anyone who might be interested in learning more about Babybindle.

One day I sat down and thought, I've done it for myself, I've done it for Babybindle, why can't I do it for others who don't have the time or knowledge to jump into the social community pool.

Hence, Buzz Chic. Why Buzz Chic? Well, after much discussion with friends over the spelling of the word "chick" the one I was going with originally, I decided to go with Chic! It's just more elegant. Don't you think?

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